Central Basin Municipal Water District

Southeast Water Reliability Project

In an effort to conserve the area’s groundwater and reduce reliance on imported water, the Central Basin Municipal Water District ( CBMWD) constructed the Southeast Water Reliability Project (SWRP). With industrial sites as the largest single users of potable drinking water, SWRP will begin to deliver recycled water to many large industrial and irrigation facilities, providing regional water-saving benefits. The 5.6-mile recycled water project will run through the cities of Montebello and Pico Rivera and will end at Bicknell Park to provide recycled water to the Montebello Municipal Golf Course. SWRP also includes the Pico Rivera Recycled Water Project on Mines Avenue, which is being constructed in partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and the City of Pico Rivera.


DSO assisted the CBMWD with community outreach and construction mitigation services related to the construction of a recycled water pipeline along the cities of Montebello and Pico Rivera.

As the sole community outreach firm for the SWRP project, DSO provided the following services:

DSO—assisted the CBMWD at meetings with city of Montebello and Pico Rivera elected officials to provide updates on the status of construction, to address issues from their constituents related to construction work, and to discuss work schedules, stakeholder impacts, and remedies for these impacts.

 DSO—attended weekly construction meetings with the CBWMD, the construction contractor, construction management firms, and city staff to discuss projected construction schedules and impacts to local stakeholders.

 DSO—staffed a project hotline answered by a live person 10 hours per day and over the weekends for mitigation of any emergency that arose over the weekend and on holidays. Maintained a project website which included all construction notices for active construction sites along the 5.6-mile construction alignment. In addition, issued weekly outreach reports for review by the CBMWD team that detailed all outreach-related efforts done on a weekly basis.

 DSO—assisted the CBWMD with the planning and implementation of press conferences, press advisories, press releases, and advertisements in local and regional media outlets.

DSO—developed collateral materials, including a project fact sheet, a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document, construction notices, newspaper ads, press releases, press advisories, street signage, and PowerPoint presentations. Spanish translation was prepared on all outreach materials given out to the community. Also, provided Spanish interpretation (oral) with community stakeholders at meetings and when out in the community at public events. Hand delivered construction notices to all affected stakeholders at least 48 hours prior to construction activities taking place in their immediate vicinity.

 DSO—conducted business outreach, including placing newspaper ads, to encourage patronage to businesses along the alignment from area stakeholders. Conducted outreach to schools to ensure that school children, parents, and staff are well informed about construction impacts and alternative traffic routes to access school sites.

 DSO—prepared a direct mail piece to more than 10,000 residents and stakeholders announcing the start of the SWRP project and provided a detailed overview of the project. Held two large scale well-attended community meetings in Montebello and Pico Rivera to encourage the public to learn about recycled water and the SWRP project.

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