U.S. Department Energy

Santa Susana Field Laboratory

The Department of Energy hired CDM Federal Programs Corporation and DSO to conduct outreach for the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) 2,850-acre site located in the Santa Susana Mountain range and Simi Hills between the San Fernando and Simi Valleys in Southeastern Ventura County, California. The property was divided into four sections. These areas were designed to house different activities; however, the majority of the work completed took place in area IV, which contains the Energy Technology Engineering Center (ETEC). Area IV focused on a nuclear reactor development. About 150,000 residents currently live within five miles of the site and more than half a million within ten miles of the site. A July 1959 manual shutdown of a reactor caused melting of the core, which was discovered in 1979, and in 1989, the cleanup of the site began, but not without causing surface water contamination. The community grew concerned about this site, and an education campaign was needed to communicate the cleanup efforts. Also, the outreach involved educating the public about this site’s potential use as a passive park for the state parks system.


DSO assisted the Department Of Energy with community outreach in the Santa Susana Mountain range area to educate stakeholders about site clean-up at Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

As the sole community outreach firm for the Santa Susan Mountain Range clean-up education program, DSO provided the following services:

DSO—assisted the Department of Energy’s effort of implementing stakeholder involvement for the SSFL facility. DSO prepared the meeting logistics necessary for community meetings.

DSO— assisted in the coordination of tours of the site offered to former employees. DSO contacted past employees of the site to determine if the workers’ had any interest in participating in these site tours.

DSO—facilitated meetings attended by the DOE and general public. DSO facilitated the large-scale community meetings as requested by CDM.

DSO—supported the committee in charge of planning of the SRE public workshop in management of the former SSFL workers who have asked for further information regarding the SRE public workshop and DOE’s plans to clean up the site. DSO contacted former employees to complete information spreadsheets that were incomplete to reach all past employees about these meetings.

 DSO—provided the DOE with a video meeting record, a videographer, and all required equipment necessary to capture the presentations made by nuclear physicists and the public’s questions made to presenters. DSO ensured that the video product was edited to present the overall outcome of the workshop, including speakers, presentation materials, the audience, and all public questions.

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