Aerojet Aerospace

Aerojet Aerospace

Aerojet Aerospace & Information Systems (Aerojet Aerospace) hired DSO to conduct outreach regarding the proposed sale of the Azusa site to Northrop Grumman. The Aerojet sale required approval from the federal Environmental Protection Agency because the current site had been designated as a Superfund site. Aerojet Aerospace — a leading supplier of technology of the time used to build space satellites and national defense equipment — began operating the facility in Azusa since the 1940s. The Aerojet site was located at 1100 West Hollyvale Street, Azusa, Califonia. Aerojet, local water agencies, and other parties actively worked to get the cleanup project underway. Aerojet would continue to be responsible for the cleanup of this Superfund site after the sale to Northrop Grumman. EPA required and hosted a public comment period before approving this sale agreement from Aerojet Aerospace to Northrop Grumman because of the environmental concerns surrounding the site.


DSO assisted Aerojet Aerospace with community outreach to key stakeholders to support the sale of the property to Northrop Grumman by following the EPA requirements on community participation.

As the sole community outreach firm for the project, DSO provided the following services:

DSO—facilitated public meetings attended by the general public of the surrounding communities near the site.

DSO—assisted Aerojet’s effort of implementing stakeholder involvement for the Superfund facility through an education campaign on what the sale meant to the community.

DSO—briefed elected officials on the proposed sale and educated them about the benefits of the sale to Northrop Grumman. 

DSO—developed written collateral education materials to attain support from stakeholders in the community about the proposed sale to Northrop Grumman. These materials helped explain the importance of the sale to the Azusa community.

DSO—helped Aerojet Aerospace’s plan to sell the property by getting letters of support from elected officials, civic organizations, businesses, community leaders, and individual stakeholders.

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