Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison—San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

Southern California Edison (SCE) retained Diverse Strategies for Organizing (DSO) to provide professional consulting outreach services for the SONGS facility located in San Onofre, California. DSO provided general outreach and strategic advice by conducting interviews of key stakeholders in the surrounding communities to assess their perspectives of the facility in its current state and their emergency preparedness plans.


DSO assisted SCE by doing community outreach of key stakeholders to help determine their attitude toward the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant.

As the sole community outreach firm for the project, DSO provided the following services:

DSO—developed a target list of key stakeholders for the surrounding areas for interview purposes. The stakeholder list was developed to include major opinion leaders in the cities located within the emergency preparedness area, including the cities of Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, and Oceanside. DSO conducted 25 interviews over a two month period.

DSO—assisted with the drafting of systems and protocol methods used to inform the public about “false alarms” at the power plant. DSO helped craft the message communicated to stakeholders about the tests and siren warnings used to alert the public about emergency planning. DSO participated in planning sessions with SCE and other consultants to draft this protocol plan to address future situations where a false alarm would happen.

DSO—helped educate key stakeholders about the false alarms at the site with individual and group presentations. DSO met with area stakeholders to inform them of the systems and protocols plan, which detailed how to distinguish a false alarm from a real emergency. This proactive effort created better relationships and goodwill toward SCE and the power plant. In addition, it allowed the surrounding stakeholders a sense of “understanding and peace of mind.”

DSO—prepared a final report on the interviews conducted based on a survey that was prepared by a team effort that assisted SCE determination of how to continue engaging and informing the community about this nuclear energy facility.

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