Water Education for Latino Leaders Conference


WELL, in cooperation with its partners, is proud to announce an effort to help local Latino leaders and their allies in the Asian Pacific-Islander and African-American communities shape the 2016 California Water Agenda. From October 2015 through March 2016, WELL will be coordinating two regional workshops, a Sacramento Legislative briefing and the annual WELL conference.

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Diverse Strategies for Organizing (DSO) is proud of its commitment to a sustainable and healthy California. DSO’s President, Victor Griego, has consistently provided his expertise to environmental issues and is a tireless advocate for green communities. Part of being a steward of the environment is informing decision-makers about issues concerning California’s sustainability. One of the most important and expensive public policy issues facing California can be summed up in one word: Water.

The decisions we make about California’s water will impact our state’s economic development and growth for years to come—yet local Latino leaders typically have little background knowledge about  California’s water systems and have been virtually absent as voices of leadership in the water policy arena.

That is why in 2013, Victor Griego—along with other prominent leaders—launched the Water Education for Latino Leaders Conference (WELL).  For the past two years, WELL convened a statewide educational conference for California’s state and local Latino elected officials that provided a forum for baseline knowledge about California’s water systems. WELL’s ongoing purpose is to ensure effective participation in long-term water policy forums that will result in equitable and sustainable actions that are designed to promote a vibrant economy and protect the environment.

This year, Victor Griego help lead the efforts to organize the Water Education for Latino Leaders (WELL) Conference in Sacramento. As a member of  WELL’s founding board, Griego’s vision for the conference was to provide a neutral venue to communicate the water issues that face Californians every day, most importantly in the midst of one of the state’s harshest droughts. WELL provided a place for elected officials to openly discuss the issues affecting their municipalities while they learned about the intricacies of California water systems and policy.

Currently, there are more than 27 Latino state elected officials on the periphery of the water policy debate in Sacramento and more than 700 local Latino water district directors, county supervisors, mayors, and city council members who should be vigorously engaged in various levels of water policy decision making. These officials are the target audience for the conference.

Increasingly, these Latino decision makers are facing the daunting challenge of balancing the need for repairs to a dilapidated local water delivery infrastructure while ensuring equitable water rates. The next WELL conference will arm this new generation of policy makers with the information they need to form strategies that will protect the environment while balancing the interests of agriculture, industry, and urban populations, all with the aim of ensuring a clean and safe local water supply.

For more information on WELL, please visit us at www.latinosforwater.com

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